Sunday, September 4, 2011

German Infantry Company – Rifle Platoons Completed

I finally got focused and back on track, finishing the rifle platoons for my German infantry company, along with the company and platoon commanders. I still have to do the support elements (two HMGs and one 50mm mortar).

Ten of the figures in the photo were completed previously (from before I had decided to do a one-stand-equals-one-squad game), and so they needed to be rebased.

Trying to keep organized and on task, my to-do list for this project now looks like this:

1. Finish the rifle squads for my American company (just to paint with some different colors!)
2. Paint and base the MGs and mortars for each group
3. Work on some additional terrain pieces (Crossfire, of course, requires a lot of these)
4. Build and paint a few tank models I have currently have sitting on the pile

By far item #1 will be the most time consuming, and if I can get that done, say, in the next two weeks, I think I should have no problem getting my Platoon Forward + Crossfire solo campaign ready by the start of "Solo Gaming Month" this November.

Edit: I should have mentioned, for anyone interested, you can find info on solo gaming month here: 


  1. Excellent looking figures, I really like the paint jobs! Good luck on your to-do list but Im sure you'll make great progress. I am looking forward to your campaign to begin. But what's this about "Solo Gaming Month" in Nov?

  2. Dan: Thanks! The Solo Gaming month in November is something that the Solo Nexus blog proposed -- you can check out at:

    Basically it's a call for people to commit to a solo gaming project to run in November and to share with others in their blogs.

    Believe it or not, it's actually what sparked my WWII project and this blog. :)

  3. Good luck with the list. I am already off mine that I decided on 4 days ago!

  4. Great looking platoons. Looking forward to the rest of the list. Cheers, Michael

  5. NIce work and coming along really well.

  6. Thanks for the link it looks like good blog especially since most of my gaming is solo.


Two Up, One Back

"The dominant (though not the only) tactical formation for the infantry in both attack and defense remained 'two up, one back.' This was a product of the triangular organization that the infantry used from platoon to division level. Triangular units had three main 'maneuver' elements (weapons units did not count as 'maneuver' elements). Rifle platoons had three squads; rifle companies three rifle platoons; battalions, three rifle companies; and so forth. This encouraged commanders to place two of their maneuver units forward while keeping back the third so that it could relieve or reinforce a frontline unit."

--John Sayen, U.S. Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45 (28)