Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bunker and M8 Armored Car

Inspired by the Angry Lurker's post today, I put together an Italeri bunker that's been sitting on my "to-do" pile for a few weeks.

Also recently completed, an American M8 Light Armored Car (a.k.a. Greyhound). This one's been done for a while, though I only just took the photo.

Otherwise I'm still looking at possible rules to use in conjunction with Platoon Forward.  I've tested a couple of very simple free sets -- Paper Tigers, FUBAR, Red Poppy/White Feather -- all of which are good options. I've also been buying and reading through a few commercial sets -- Fields of Honor, Battlefield Evolution World at War, Rapid Fire -- which have potential as well, and I'm waiting for a copy of Crossfire to arrive in the mail.  The latter intrigues me because I like the use of "initiatives" rather than fixed turns or bounds.  I've fiddled with this type of system a bit with Red Poppy/White Feather.  The possible advantage with Crossfire over RP/WF, in terms of my own preferences, is that the infantry units are squads (rather than RP/WF's individual soldiers), which makes vehicles a more reasonable asset to have on the table as well. Crossfire needs tons of terrain, since all weapons (I'm told) have unlimited range in the game, but I have a fairly decent stock of trees and buildings at this point, and I have some Italeri stone walls on the workbench which I just primed today as well.


  1. Great looking bunker. I like the figures in the picture who makes those?

    Have you looked into the Nuts! rule set from Two Hour Wargames thats what I use for my WWII skirmishing.

  2. Nice looking scenery Bard, great additions mate

  3. Great bunker, better than mine but I'm limited by theatre and early period at the moment, very nice work on both.

  4. Dan: Thanks! All my infantry so far comes from Valiant:
    Valiant "Classic German Infantry 1944/45
    Valiant "American GIs 1942/1944

    Yes, NUTS is another game I've thought about, and will probably take a look at it if Crossfire doesn't resonate with me. I'm kind of looking at one rule set at a time, until one set really "grabs" me. I do have CR3 downloaded somewhere, so I might give that a whirl while I'm waiting for Crossfire to arrive just to get a more hands-on feel with the THW system.

    Al: Thanks! I appreciate the kind words.

    Lurker: Better than yours? No, I think not. Maybe as good as yours (and even that would be hard to say), but certainly not better.

  5. Very good work on the bunker. The painting really brings out the concrete look.

    Well done.

  6. Paul: Thanks! That's the first time I've attempted to use multiple shades of color on a building that way.


Two Up, One Back

"The dominant (though not the only) tactical formation for the infantry in both attack and defense remained 'two up, one back.' This was a product of the triangular organization that the infantry used from platoon to division level. Triangular units had three main 'maneuver' elements (weapons units did not count as 'maneuver' elements). Rifle platoons had three squads; rifle companies three rifle platoons; battalions, three rifle companies; and so forth. This encouraged commanders to place two of their maneuver units forward while keeping back the third so that it could relieve or reinforce a frontline unit."

--John Sayen, U.S. Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45 (28)