Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Recruits: Painting Progress

Not much to say beyond the fact that I've completed four more riflemen for my U.S. squad. Just four more and my basic rifle squad will be finished. Then I'll get to work on larger task of painting the Germans.

Four new riflemen.

Squad in progress.


Two Up, One Back

"The dominant (though not the only) tactical formation for the infantry in both attack and defense remained 'two up, one back.' This was a product of the triangular organization that the infantry used from platoon to division level. Triangular units had three main 'maneuver' elements (weapons units did not count as 'maneuver' elements). Rifle platoons had three squads; rifle companies three rifle platoons; battalions, three rifle companies; and so forth. This encouraged commanders to place two of their maneuver units forward while keeping back the third so that it could relieve or reinforce a frontline unit."

--John Sayen, U.S. Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45 (28)